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The website SIGNORIROSSI.IT aims to support the citizens in the denouncement of corruption. It puts together the Italian citizens that demand the diffusion of the ethics in the public governance and the respect of laws in force regarding the corruption.

Beginning with the contents already published in our page of Facebook we aim to gather more information about cases of corruption happened and happening in Italy. 

Joining the forces and professional competences of numerous legal experts and judiciaries that support the project, we provide the service SOS CORRUPTION for citizens facing to (engaged in) the corruption cases.

By means of CORRUPTION STORIES we want also to gather the evidences of the abuses and crimes against public welfare  that have been notified to us; the evidences that are evocative of the enormous harm and damages caused by this phenomenon.


The movement and the story of Raphael Rossi

“I SIGNORI ROSSI” represents the anticorruption movement that has been established spontaneously as a reaction to the case of Raphael Rossi, ex vice-president of Amiat, company with local governance participation that occupies of waste collection in Turin. In 2007 he prevented the purchase of a USELESS machinery whose price was 4,2 million of euros. In order to proceed illegally with the purchase operation and achieve the approval of Raphael the corruption payoff of 100.000 euros has been proposed to him; Raphael refused the bribe and denounced the crime.

Since then he has been isolated by the company, mass media (only some local chronics mentioned the case). Once expired his mandate, the company did not prolong it (all other mandates of governance committee have been prolonged). At the present being the witness  Raphael has to anticipate the legal proceedings expenses by his own without any support of local public institutions.

In September 2010 his story has been described in the TV broadcast “REPORT” (Rai3) and “ANNOZERO” (Rai2). Then it has been mentioned also in the newspaper “IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO” that presented the petition promoted by the citizens demanding the governance of the City of Turin to bring a civil action in the legal proceedings against corruption. 50.000 citizens signed the petition. Raphael received thousands of e-mails expressing support and solidarity written by the people from different parts of Italy. Some of these people afterwards decided to establish together the anticorruption movement called I SIGNORI ROSSI, as Rossi being the most common Italian surname symbolizes the support of silent majority of common and honest Italian citizens.

In January 2011 as a result of the preliminary hearing all the accused defendants, except ex president of Amiat Giordano who bargained one year of punishment, have been committed to trial. The trial will take place on January 2012.